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The Law Offices of Claud A. Sinclair will be there for you.

Are you in need of legal representation? You don't need a paralegal, who is a person, who has never set foot into a courtroom. The Law Offices of Claud A. Sinclair can help you research and plan your court case and litigation strategy. This will determine if you really have a legal case worth pursuing. There is always a cost-benefit analysis in bringing any lawsuit. This approach can also facilitate settlement of your case, especially, when the law has been researched and the evidence made clear and convincing to your opposition. It is important to document and preserve evidence before litigation begins. Most cases are lost because of poor preparation.

With my experience as a litigator and trial attorney, you can rest assured, my office, will provide you with the most current law which relates directly to your case. Only then can we determine, the likelihood of your success on the merits, and what damages if any, are available.

The staff, at The Law Offices of Claud A, Sinclair, takes the time to listen, to explain, and to care. Please feel free to contact us for any additional information. Our service area is all of California. Areas of practice include civil litigation, personal injury, business formation and development, contracts, will and trust preparation, business planning, tax matters, group seminars, and more...I would like to be your personal and business advisor.

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
By Appointment only. Pre-litigation workshops are available to individuals and groups.

Law Offices of Claud A. Sinclair
5708 S Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90056-1225

Phone: (323) 299-2509
Fax: (323) 298-8559


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